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Marp Holistic - Carrot

Carrot - supplementary food for dogs and cats The effect of carrots in the body: Carrots help to… Full description

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  • Carrots help to ensure healthy eyesight because of their beta-catenin content, this being a precursor of vitamin A and lutein
  • Vitamin A content is also important for the reproductive system
  • Anti-inflammatory effect in the body thanks to the content of antioxidants such as selenium, vitamin E and vitamin C
  • For good blood clotting, healthy bones and blood vessels thanks to the vitamin K content
  • To ensure vitamins A and E are absorbed well, serving with meat which contains fat or with added oil is advisable, as these are fat-soluble vitamins

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Available also in: Petržel 400g, Pastiňák 400g, Zelenina mix 400g
For dogs Marp Holistic - Carrot


Complete composition

Dried Carrot