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Beef Chicken

Marp Treats with Milk Thistle

Functional treats for dogs - supplementary food for dogs The "main course" should be healthy, full… Full description

no artificial preservatives no corn, wheat or soy responsibly sourced suppliers

  • high content of fresh meat
  • without preservatives and flavorings
  • collagen as a joint support and regeneration
  • with milk thistle known for its detoxifying effects
  • humic substances known as immune boosters
  • 100% natural treats

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Available also in: Marp Treats - funkční pamlsky s ostropestřcem 1kg, Marp Treats Buffalo Liver Bites, Marp Treats Buffalo Tail
For dogs Marp Treats with Milk Thistle


Complete composition

Fresh beef (80%), fresh chicken meatcollagen (6%), milk thistle (1%), humic substances (1%), vegetable fiber