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Marp Holistic Pure Angus Beef

Marp holistic - Pure Angus Beef We know that dog is carnivore and therefore we respect it as such.… Full description

grain free no artificial preservatives no corn, wheat or soy responsibly sourced suppliers

  • Single animal protein
  • 100% of proteins come from animal sources
  • Combination of muscle and organs
  • Roughly minced with pieces
  • High palatibility and digestibility
  • Grain free
  • Ideal for mixing with dry food

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Available also in: vanička pro psy s jehněčím 100g, vanička pro psy s divočákem 100g, vanička pro psy kuře+zelenina 100g, vanička pro psy jehně+zelenina 100g
For dogs Marp Holistic Pure Angus Beef


Complete composition

70% (Angus Beef Hearts, Angus Beef Meat, Angus Beef Liver, Angus Beef Lung, Angus Beef Tripe), 29% Broth, 1% Minerals.

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