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Marp Holistic - Kelp

Marp Holistic -  Kelp Kelp is a rich source of iodine, which is usually deficient in inland animals… Full description

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  • helps prevent plaque and tartar - reduces breath odor
  • high iodine content, which supports thyroid function
  • helps to the quality and density of the coat
  • a rich source of vitamins B, C, D, E, K
  • a rich source of minerals - calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc

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Available also in: Pivovarské kvasnice, Doplněk stravy sušená mušle, Kelpa 500g, chrupavka ze žraloka, Doplněk stravy Vitamic C
For dogs Marp Holistic - Kelp


Marp Holistic - Kelp

Complete composition

Dried brown seaweed Kelp