Marp Holistic - Vitamin C

Marp Holistic - Vitamin C Dogs can synthesize vitamin C from glucose in the liver, but when needed… Full description

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  • necessary for the synthesis of collagen in the construction of cartilage and bone
  • has a significant antioxidant effect - supports the protection of the body against free radicals
  • acts as a natural antihistamine
  • supports the synthesis of carnitine, which is involved in the breakdown of fats

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Available also in: Pivovarské kvasnice, Doplněk stravy sušená mušle, Kelpa 100g, Pivovarské kvasnice 500g, chrupavka ze žraloka
For dogs Marp Holistic - Vitamin C


Marp Holistic - Vitamin C

Complete composition

Ascorbic acid/Vitamin C

999 mg of Vitamin C in 1g